Ear Surgery


Ear deformities can occur due to a number of reasons including congenital malformations and trauma.  Otoplasty can help create a natural shape to the ears while bringing proportion to the ears and face.  If disfigured or protruding ears affect you or your child, you may consider surgical correction.  This procedure can be done at any age once the ears are fully developed, usually after the age of 5 years old.  While this surgery cannot improve hearing, it can significantly improve appearance and confidence.


EarWell® infant ear molding device is non-surgical technique used to correct infant ear deformities.  The device is safe, tested, and pain free.  EarWell® has successfully corrected thousands of baby ears with very few failures. EarWell® must be applied early in a child’s life, with optimal results occurring in infants less than 3 weeks old.



Earlobe Repair

With aging, earlobes can become elongated, torn, or develop wrinkles.  Split or torn earlobes can also occur from wearing heavy earrings or from getting an earring caught on clothing or pulled by a child.  Age related changes to the earlobe can be addressed with office-based procedures including dermal fillers or surgical procedures.  Torn earlobes can also be corrected in the office setting using delicate surgical techniques.  Earlobes usually heal quickly with minimal scarring. In most cases, the earlobe can be pierced again six weeks after surgery.