Would Hearing Aids Help Me?

Would Hearing Aids Help Me?

Many people don’t realize they’re experiencing hearing loss. In other cases, embarrassment may prevent a patient from seeking help. You hearing aidsmight be secretly wondering if a hearing aid can help you hear better. Learn more about hearing aids and how wearing one prescribed by a Northampton, Mary Lane Hospital, or Springfield, MA ENT at Ear Nose & Throat, Surgeons of Western New England could help you deal with hearing loss.

Modern Hearing Aids
There are a number of different types of modern hearing devices available to patients. Some can be placed discreetly inside of the ear, while others sit behind the ear like a wireless headphone. Some patients are good candidates for implantable hearing aids. Now, thanks to technological advances, devices can be fine-tuned to perfectly meet your needs. 
Would a Hearing Aid Help?
A patient with mild to moderate hearing loss could significantly benefit from wearing one of these devices. In some cases, the hearing can’t be restored but it can be enhanced. If you have any of the following symptoms, a hearing aid may help:

- Significant difficulty hearing conversations, even when in close company.
- Frequent problems understanding your favorite television programs, requiring closed captions.
- Hearing loss that affects your ability to work or navigate your surroundings.

Have Your Hearing Evaluated
Before your Northampton, Mary Lane Hospital, or Springfield ENT can prescribe a hearing aid, you must have a hearing exam. A test called an audiometric evaluation will determine what is causing the hearing loss and if a hearing aid will help. In some cases, a different treatment may be recommended, such as medication to clear up a middle ear infection, removal of wax buildup, or a surgical procedure.

Restore Your Hearing
By wearing custom hearing aids, you can return to a time when you didn’t have to constantly ask for people to repeat themselves. Call Ear Nose & Throat, Surgeons of Western New England in Northampton, Mary Lane Hospital, or Springfield, MA ENT to schedule a hearing consultation. Call (413) 732-7426 today!