Signs of Hearing Loss

Signs of Hearing Loss

Are you experiencing all of the telltale signs of someone who has hearing loss?Hearing Loss

You wish you could enjoy sitting around the table listening to the wonderful sounds of your family, but you often find it difficult to understand what everyone is saying. Maybe it sounds like they are mumbling or perhaps you feel as if the only sounds you actually notice are obnoxious ambient noises: the scratching of utensils against the plates, the clattering of someone in the kitchen. If so, then it might be time to see one of our Springfield, Northampton and Mary Lane Hospital audiologists.

It isn’t always as easy as you might think to pinpoint hearing loss. It takes all different forms. You may be dealing with hearing loss of some kind if you notice:

  • That people seem to be mumbling more often. You may have to ask people around you to repeat themselves more than usual.
  • You have trouble understanding people, particularly in loud environments like a crowded restaurant.
  • You have to turn up the radio or television in order to actually hear it.
  • You find yourself spacing out and not engaging in conversations, mostly because you can’t follow or understand what everyone is saying.
  • You find yourself going out less and being less social because of your hearing difficulties.

When should you see our Springfield, Northampton and Mary Lane Hospital ENT doctor for an evaluation?

If you find that hearing troubles are affecting your everyday life in some way then it’s time to get a screening to check the extent of your hearing loss. Whether you are finding that you have to keep raising the volume on the TV or you find that you often don’t understand what people are saying about you, this is a good time to see us.

If you’ve suddenly lost hearing in one or both ears, this is a serious medical emergency and you need to get treatment right away!

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