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By Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeons of Western New England
May 27, 2022
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Especially in the spring, many people's minds turn to allergies and what treatment works for them. If you are suffering from allergy symptoms in Springfield, and Northampton, MA, Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeons of Western New England offer a variety of treatment options that can help you. 

About 20% of Americans suffer from some sort of allergies. Both indoor and outdoor allergies, as well as food, drug, latex, insect, skin, and eye allergies are quite prevalent among both children and adults. Allergies occur when your immune system overreacts to something it is exposed to. Exactly why this happens is not completely understood, but it is important to help people learn to control their reactions. Avoiding exposure is the best option, but it isn't always possible. 


Allergy Symptoms in Springfield, and Northampton, MA include sneezing more than just once and having a nose that is congested, runny, and/or itchy. When your nose is congested you breathe through your mouth, which causes a dry mouth. If your nose is dripping into your throat, you may get a sore throat. When you are congested it can lead to a loss of smell or taste. Looking really sick with dark circles under your eyes, and cold-like symptoms for extended periods of time. This can cause recurring ear and sinus infections. Noticing that you can't hear from one or both ears and itchy eyes that are annoying and uncomfortable are all symptoms.

Treatment for allergies 


This form of treatment can be used when avoiding allergens and over-the-counter medication has not successfully controlled the problem. By using shots or drops, your ENT will be desensitizing you to what you are allergic to. 

Traditional in-office allergy shots

For some people, the best method of treatment is getting an allergy shot at the doctor's office. This can be very effective. 

Allergy testing

Before testing for what you are actually allergic to, you will get a PFT (pulmonary function test) to find out how well your lungs are working. This will help the ENT to determine if you have allergies alone or whether you have asthma. Testing can trigger an asthma attack and safety is the main concern. 

Skin Prick Testing pricks the skin with allergens and then the site is observed for any reaction. Several things can be tested at the same time. 

Intradermal (IDT) Skin Testing injects the allergens under the skin and then again watches for any reaction.  

If you are suffering from allergy symptoms in Springfield, MA, and Northampton, MA, you can count on Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeons of Western New England to provide the services you need. Call for an appointment at 413-732-7426 (Springfield) or 413-586-2033 (Northampton). 

By Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeons of Western New England
November 20, 2020
Category: ENT Specialist
Tags: Allergy   Allergy Symptoms  

Is it time to see an allergy specialist about your symptoms?

If watery, itchy eyes, a cough, and a runny nose are becoming commonplace then you may just want to consider seeing our Springfield and Northampton, MA, otolaryngologists for your allergy symptoms. While most people can manage minor allergies with simple lifestyle changes and over-the-counter treatments, we know that sometimes this isn’t enough. Know when enough is enough.

You should schedule an appointment with our Springfield, MA, ENT doctors if:

You aren’t sure whether your symptoms are due to an allergy or the common cold

Indeed, the common cold and allergies can often mimic one another, so if you aren’t sure whether your sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion are due to a cold or simply allergies to pollen, dust, or dander, then it’s time to find out. An ENT specialist will be able to quickly determine whether you’re dealing with allergies.

Your symptoms are affecting your quality of life

We know just how miserable sinus infections, earaches, nasal congestion, and tension headaches can be. If you find yourself having trouble getting through the workday or if your allergy symptoms are affecting your sleep, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with our Springfield, MA, team. We can help you figure out your allergy triggers to find more sustainable ways to avoid them, as well as prescription medications that will provide more effective relief so you can get back to what matters.

Over-the-counter medications aren’t working

Not feeling better after a few days of at-home care? If so, this is definitely a sign that you are dealing with allergies and not just the common cold; however, if you also find that over-the-counter allergy meds just aren’t doing the trick, then this is another indicator that it’s time to talk with your otolaryngologist for more effective solutions.

Do allergy symptoms have you hiding indoors most of the year? Why not embrace the beautiful seasons of Springfield, MA? Let the team at Ear Nose & Throat, Surgeons of Western New England make that possible with proper allergy treatment. Call our Springfield or Northampton, MA, office at (413) 732-7426 or (413) 586-2033.