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By Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeons of Western New England
December 26, 2019
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How your ENT specialists in Springfield, MA, can help with hearing loss

Hearing loss is a common problem, especially as you get older. Fortunately, you don’t have to miss out on the beautiful sounds of your life. You don’t have to miss out on wonderful conversations with people you care about. You can regain your hearing!

The ear, nose, and throat doctors at Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeons of Western New England offer a wide range of ENT services, including treatment of hearing loss. They have three convenient office locations in Springfield, Northampton, and Ware, MA, to help you with hearing loss.

Hearing loss can be subtle, happening slowly, over a long period of time. However, there are some definite signs and symptoms to look out for. According to the Mayo Clinic, you may be experiencing hearing loss if you:

  • Have difficulty picking out individual words from background noise
  • Have problems hearing consonants within words
  • Hear muffled speech and muffled sounds
  • Are avoiding social situations because of hearing problems
  • Need others around you to speak more loudly or slowly

If you are noticing any of the signs and symptoms listed above, it’s time to visit your ENT specialist for a hearing test. A hearing test helps your doctor determine your degree of hearing loss and which treatment might be best for you.

Your doctor may recommend a hearing aid, and there are several types including:

  • A CIC hearing aid, which is completely in the ear canal, and is the most discreet hearing aid
  • A BTE hearing aid, which is behind the ear, and is the largest hearing aid
  • An ITE hearing aid, which is inside your ear and has a volume control
  • Cochlear implants, which function for parts of your ear that aren’t working properly

If you are experiencing hearing loss, there is not a moment to lose. Find out more about treatment for hearing loss by calling the ear, nose, and throat doctors at Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeons of Western New England, with offices in Springfield, Northampton, and Ware, MA. Hear better by calling (413) 732-7426 for our Springfield office, (413) 586-2033 for our Northampton office, and (413) 967-2249 for our Ware office today!